Spiritual Energies and Vaseela Session

  • Blessings from Aulia Allah
  • On daily basis, this website is spiritually charged with special prayers with the blessings asked from all Aulia Allah mentioned, and not yet mentioned on this website.

  • Ask Us and We Will Pray to Allah for You by mentioning the Names of Aulia Allah
  • We have arranged a special session in which you can ask us to pray for you to Allah by mentioning the names of Aulia Allah whose Vaseela and Tawassul are of paramount importance in the acceptance of Prayers. Their intercession can even change the Taqdeer from Loh-e-Mahfooz. As the Prophet, Peace be upon Him, sent request to Hazrat Owais Qarni (Radiallah) to pray for Ummah. We are establishing this Sunnah. Please send your request at info@aulia-e-pakistan.com. Once we receive your request, we will add you in our database.

  • REIKI Channels
  • We have established a system of REIKI Energies to direct them specially to those who visit any page of this website. Visiting our website shall enhance the energy levels of its frequent visitors. These energies help restore the physicial and spiritual health, as well as, boost the intelligence levels, if taken frequently.

    NOTE: These are FREE services. For most of queries, our acknowledgement is not necessary i.e., asking us for prayers, and reiki request. We definitely add you in our database!