Allah (God) اللہ

Lord of the Dominions. The Divine, the source of Reveleation revealed upon all Prophets (1,24,000 according to some sources). He is the only one who exists from the atom to the cosmos, and beyond, no-one & nothing else. The creation is the manifestation of His attributes. The observer, observation, and the observed, are all attributes of the Single Him. He himself sees himself. He himself is the destination of all paths, and he himself is the path. He himself searches for himself. So the drop! lets whirl in Him, in the great ocean of existence...

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 Muhammad, Peace be upon Him سیدنا محمد رسُول اللہ، صلی اللہُ علیہِ وسلَم

The Last and the Rasool of the Highest Rank.

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Aulia Allah اولیاء اللہ

Saints. The plural of Wali (Saint).

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Ranks of Willayat (Rijaal Al Ghaib) مراتِبِ ولایت

  • Abd
    • Siddique
      • Qutab-e-Wahdat
        • Fardh
          • Qayyum
            • Ghaus
              • Qutab-ul-Aqtaab
                • Qutab-e-Irshaad
                  • 70 Najabba
                  • 300 Naqabba
                  • 500 Akhyar
                  • 25 Abraar
                • Qutab-e-Madaar
                  • 4 Awtaad
                • Qutab-e-Abdaal
                  • 40 Abdaal

SOURCE: Haal-e-Safar by Hazrat Professor Bagh Hussain Kamal (Qutab-e-Wahdat)

These are senior ranks among the Aulia Allah. In addition to them there are always present 140,000 junior Aulia Allah all the time. These work according to the commands of higher authorities. It is however important to mention that these ranks are to be discussed and used by Aulia Allah themselves, general public should not need, discuss, and prioritize the Aulia Allah.

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Bin بیٹا

Arabic: Son of

Dargah دَرگاہ

Mazaar or shrine.

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Hazrat حضرت

The Saint.

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Rasool رسُول

Messenger. The Nabi who received Scripture and founded a Nation. It is important to mention that founding a new Nation does not mean founding a new Message. Rasool's Message and Scripture revive the previous Rasool's Message. Every Rasool and Nabi testify the previous Rasools and Nabis.

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Holy Koran قُرآن کریم

The Scripture revealed upon Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon Him. All previous Scriptures' Messages are preserved in it. Anyone who wants to know what was in original Old Testament and New Testament, can comprehend it from within Koran.

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Hadith حدیث

Sayings, Actions, and Silence of Prophet, Peace be upon Him, recorded and narrated by Suhabah, and transfered to next generations. There are two kinds of Communication systems established by Allah to Prophet, Peace be upon Him: Wahi-e-Jali (The Message Archangel Gabriel brought as Koran) and Wahi-e-Khafi (In which Allah Himself talked to Prophet, Peace beupon Him, in whichever way He liked. This communication did not become part of Koran. That was a Transcendent Love between Two, not to be shared explicitly). Hadith is thus the information derived and sourced from Wahi-e-Khafi by Prophet, Peace be upon Him. There are many books of Hadiths i.e, Sahih Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmazi, etc. The names of the Books are derived from the hadith-scientist who gathered all hadiths are filtered out using special procedures and hadith chains (Ravis)

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Islam دِینِ اِسلام

The Original Message revealed on Prophet, Peace be upon Him, therefore this Message was brought forward by every Prophet in the past. Any description is false which says that Islam was founded by Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon Him.

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Mazaar مزار

The Building over the Qaber of the Wali. Shrine

Music and Dance: Allowed or not Allowed کیا اِسلام میں موسیقی اور رقص جائز ہے؟

The question that music and dance are allowed or not allowed, is completely wrong. Because the question is wrong in the first place therefore all answers to this question are wrong. The people who are misled due to less education in religion, history, and science, waste their time and others by comtemplating on this false theory that music, dance, and other art form are Harram. It is something like saying that Book Reading is Harram. Or, 'eating' is Harram or Hallal! The idea is that any thing whose target is not Allah, is not allowed as well, and will waste the time. According to this idea therefore Book Reading will not be allowed if is not taking you more closer to God. Thus, science, mathematics, geography, astronomy, and other research subjects not only become allowed, they are recommended for those people who search for God (See the Video 'Miracle of Kaaba in Mathematics using Golden Mean Ratio' and Wikipedia: Golden Mean Ratio). With the same token, many other books shall be banned that are popular in those people who consider Music, Dance, or any other art form Harram. Likewise, some food is allowed to eat and some is not. In the same line, one can ask "Shall humans go to hell or heaven?". Of course the answer is simple "It depends upon the few factors i.e., faith, quality of faith, actions, etc". Therefore Holy Koran does not forbid music.

If a sufi whirls in trance in the love of God, the dance not only becomes allowed, but also becomes part of the spiritual training. Likewise any music whose target is not the Communion with God, is the waste of time. (The people who say that Music is 'NOT' Harram, should also know that not all music are allowed; rather majority of music in the market is crap for spiritual purposes. It is however important to know that same piece of music will be crap for one person and at the same time it will be allowed for someone else because it caused him to achieve Communion to Allah). The fine arts developed in sufi movements have the same foundation and idea that art, the typical action of right brain, causes one to make closer to God. Because this idea is ancient and still in practice means it works if proper guidance is taken.

Please see Video Clippings and Issue of Music in Khuda Kay Liay to shed light on this topic.

Qaber قبر

The Grave.

Maulana and Molvi | Mevlana and Mevlevi مولانا اور مولوی کی اِصطلاحات

The Silsila initiated by Mevlana Jallauddin Rumi of Turkey, a great Sufi and Mystic of 12th century. He is one of the most influential Sufi Poet of all times. The word 'Molvi or Maulana' is actually 'Mevlevi and Mevlana' and means the disciple of Mevlana Sufi Order and Silsila in Persian language. The Masters of Whirling Derveshes in Turkey are called the Mevlevis. Any other use is therefore incorrect i.e., the Imam of the Masjid is Imam, not Mevlevi. Mevlevi is the Master Mystic and the Imam is the one who leads the 5-time prayers in the mosque. Of course, an Imam can become Mevlevi, but considering these as same is incorrect.

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Nabi نبی

The Prophet who revives the Message of Rasool. He does not receive Scripture but preaches the most recent one.

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Nafs al Ammara, The Carnal soul نفسِ امارہ

Nafs al-ammara is the tendency in man to disobey God, and to take pleasure in evil deeds and thoughts. A disciple gradually develops an attitude of indifference towards such temptations and attains purification of the body, tongue, mind and the heart.

Reference: Sulouk- The Spiritual Journey

Nafs al Lawwama, The reproaching soul نفسِ لوامہ

Once a disciple subjugates the carnal soul or ìnafs al-ammaraî, he enters into the second stage of purification in which his ëconscienceí takes charge of his decision making process. As a result, he starts developing qualities that reflect the compassionate nature of God.

Reference: Sulouk- The Spiritual Journey

Nafs al Mutmaíinna, The contented soul نفسِ ُمطمَنہ

Once the second stage has become firmly established in him, he enters the third stage of the contented soul or ìnafs al-mutmaíinnaî. In this stage, the Sufi lives in harmony with his divinity and his soul finds perfect satisfaction and contentment within and without. Here the Sufi becomes truly free from fear and grief. As it has been said in the Quran, ì Lo, indeed, the friends of God have no fear, nor are they grieved.î

Reference: Sulouk- The Spiritual Journey

Jihad | Jehaad جہاد

-Intense struggle to control the wishes of one's self. This is the foundation of Rah-e-Saluk and Willayat.
-Self Defence against the attacking enemy of Islam.

Rah-e-Salook راہِ سلُوک

Sainthood. Willayat. The Path of Communion.

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Silsila سِلسِلہ

The Chain. Willayat or the Spiritual Domain is transfered from heart-to-heart (something like transplant of a body part) rather than normal college/university styled teaching. In the Silsila, it is defined that how many times the Willayat has been transfered and from whom. To express in simple words: 'A' transfered 'B' who transfered 'C' who transfered 'D' and so on. Silsila is only active when the chain is traceable and not broken. In Silsila the Chain starts from Prophet, Peace be upon Him, then the Willayat is transfered to the Caliph Hazrat Abu Bakr, Caliph Hazrat Uthman, and Caliph Hazrat Omer. (It is noted that Khilafat is the leadership, not the Willayat. These Caliphs are leaders as well as Walis). At that time, there was no need to name them other than Suhabi, that is the noblest title in Islam and cannot be earned after the wisaal of Prophet, Peace be upon Him.

When the Willayat reaches Caliph Hazrat Ali, it organizes from the crude form to more organized form. This is best explained that the Prophet, Peace be upon Him, is the Sun. It is not appropriate for the Moon to shine when the Sun is above, though beyond the blue sky of the day, Moon is shining but invisible to the ground. Only when the Sun of Prophethood sets, the Moon takes over. Now the Moon rules the night. But keep it in mind that 'the Light of Moon is not its own, it is taken from the Sun which is visible to Moon but not visible to ground'. Willayat is the Moon of the night which is directly taking its light from the Soul of Prophet, peace be upon Him. There cannot be any other parable which we can provide.

Later Caliph Hazrat Ali transfered it to his special pupil(s), and so on. It reaches at Hazrat Ghaus-e-Azam who is Master of all Aulia, then it branches out. Now there are many Silsilas i.e., Qadria, Chishtia, Mulamatia, etc. Every Silsila must prove its chain linking to Hazrat Ghaus-e-Azam, otherwise it will not be considered an official Silsila, and will always lack the Treasure of Willayat, though it may be teaching good things i.e., speak truth.

It is possible to become the candidate of Friend of God through guidance from the Master. For the steady ones, there is a potential to become the Saint. The word 'Potential' is the key to understanding to whole phenomenon. All efforts and strugles only increase the 'Potential' to become Wali, but 'becoming Wali' is not guaranteed due a reason. The Willayat is first initiated and wished by Allah Himself for a person, then circimstances change for that person. That is the luck, that is a gift, which is the highest possible power after Nabuwat in the cosmos.

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Shirk شِرک

Any action whose goal is other than God. Therefore the Shirk is not only worshipping idols, there are many other issues of man's life which involve Shirk at conscious and unconscious states of mind. In the theory of Wahadat-al-Wajud, considering Creator spearate from creation, or considering two entities (Creator and Creation), is totally Shirk. There is nothing in existance other than God Himself. The concept of Shirk in Rah-e-Salook and Willayat is quite risky, intense contemplation requiring and dangerous path, but at the same time, the Prime way to meet Our Lord. Please contact the proper Wali for further information if you are determined to know the careful definition of Shirk described by Wallayat. (visit: Living Aulia section of the website)

Further reading: General Definition of Shirk

Vaseela وسیلہ

There is a lot of confusion about the Vaseela theory amongst people of every school of thought; even those whose 'ancestral belief' contains Vaseela theory. Before we proceed it is important to mention that if someone says 'Vaseela' is not allowed in Islam, then it is his responsibility to prove from authentic sources. Anything or act is halaal and allowed according to Shariah which is 'even not mentioned' in Koran or Hadith. Only those things and acts would not be allowed which are specifically forbidden by Shariah which is derived from Koran and Hadith. In contrast, Vaseela is not only mentioned in Koran, but also numerous Hadiths and rawayats present this concept, so 'Vaseela' is not only allowed, but it is recommended to use in your prayers. This is also the kind of Vaseela that Prayers (Salat; Namaz) is not accepted until you use the Vaseela of Prophet, Peace be upon Him. No Salat is accomplished without 'Atahiyatu Lilliahe...' in the end. All muslims must send blessings upon the Prophet, Peace be upon Him, and the Muslim Ummah, even at upon themselves. Only remembering Allah in the Salat will not complete the Salat, nor accepted.

For the reference in Koran, please recite Verse:35 from Surah Al-Maeda (5):

"O YOU who have attained to faith! Remain conscious of God, and seek the means to come closer unto Him, and strive hard in His cause, so that you might attain to a happy state." (We recommend you to recite this verse in Arabic as well) [Open IslamiCity Reciter]

Some people mistakenly say that 'means' in the mentioned verse means the attributes of Allah. It is a great mistake to differentiate Allah with His attributes. Allah and His attributes are One and the Same Person, Allah. During the conversation/pray to Allah, Vaseela is the rememberence of any personality (living or deceased physically), the blessed object of any kind, the object used by special personalities, or places (i.e., some specified area or city etc), even the Sun, Solar System, Universe etc on which Allah has bestowed Respect and mentioned it as well. For instance, the Kaaba in Makkah is the building on which Allah has bestowed the Respect. Although Kaaba cannot hear or solve your problems but it has relation with many senior Prophets (especially Syedna Ibrahim and Syedna Muhammad, Peace be upon Them), and furthermore Allah mentions the Respect of Kaaba; therefore mentioning or visualizing the Kaaba in the prayers or any other mystical session is extremely helpful and recommended. Otherwise, the idols are made of stone and wood and Kaaba is also made from stone and wood. The difference is that Allah has not provided any evidence to show the respect of idols. Therefore one should be extremely alarmed when comparing the idols and the Prophets, Aulia Karam, and their related things. Unfortunately it is becoming the fashion in misled people on the name of 'moderate Islam' to show disrespect to Prophet, Peace be upon Him, and Aulia Karam. Their idea results in suicide attempts and chaos in the society. We all know that Sufi way of life has always created peace and harmony in the society, not the suicide bombers.

By Vaseela the fulfillment of prayers by force is not the ultimate goal neither part of theory, rather it is to please Allah when you mention your Respect for those entities whom Allah has bestowed Respect. Vaseela is used to enhance the personal spiritual powers which shall be used during and after the physical life. To use Vaseela for worldly matters is not recommended, though can be used.

It is clear from this theory that the Object of Vaseela does not necessarily need to have capabilities to fullfil the demands of prayee. Even Object of Vaseela does not need to be living thing i.e., Kaaba or City of Makkah. It is therefore incorrect to have objection on Vaseela because one assumes that Object of Vaseela cannot do anything. Though capability is found in the personalities of Vaseela i.e., Prophets and Aulia Karam but is irrelevant and a different topic namely 'Tawassul (Intercession)'.

However if one denies the capabilities of other entities other than God, then he/she must also deny the capability of Sun to provide sunshine, or the capability of Earth to support the life, or the capability of own parents who supported him/her in infancy. Your own body is the Vaseela for yourself if you ponder a little further. There is thus the unlimited chain of entities which must be denied, and I believe that healthy mind would not do it.

"A healthy mind already knows the right approach, it just needs some procedures and the authentic source. A sick mind will receive the authentic reference and will deny it" - Axenus

There are many authentic references and Sahih Hadiths supporting the Vaseela theory. We are only mentioning the references which are usually asked by those who need guidance in this area:

  • Al Bukhari: Volume 1, Page 137
  • Al Tirmizi: Volume 2, Page 197
  • Al Tareekh Khateeb Baghdadi: Volume 1, Page 123
  • Al Shawahi-ul-Haq: Page 166
  • Fatawa-e-Aziziah: Volume 2, Page 108

Further reading: Detailed References | Position of Tawassul and Vaseela in Islam | Evidence for Aulia Allah in Koran-al-Hakeem and Hadith

Urs عُرس

The day of Wisaal celebrated each year. It is noted that Urs means 'Bride'. The Wisaal is the moment of happiness for the Wali Allah, thus Urs is a Celebration. It is opposite to 'Death Anniversary' which belongs to general people and it is the moment of sadness.

Wali ولی

The Saint. The Friend of God. With the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, the Nabuwat (Prophecy) was finsihed but God chooses some people out of Prophet's nation who spread the message of Islam. They are always present in every age. There are many pre-Islamic Wali Allahs as well who are also mentioned in Koran i.e., The People of the Cave; Al Khidhr; Luqman. Some of them are Mystics and Sufis, and some are Teachers of profound abilities of delevering Hadiths, Koran, and Fiq (Islamic Law). Normally this Sainthood or Willayat is transfered from heart-to-heart i.e., Teacher-pupil relationship. It cannot be learnt by reading Books and listening the Speeches. But, it does sometimes transfer in the presence of another Wali Allah, whose intension is enough to transfer the ocean of Waillayt into the heart. They are not just a normal human beings, but are of mystical potence. Some of them get the instructions directly from the Holy Soul of Prophet, Peace be upon Him. They are active even after their deaths. Read detailed artcile.

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Wahdat ul Wajood وحدتُ الوجُود

This is how the Sufi understands the Kalima-e-Tayyaba (La illaha illalah). Not only there are no gods except Allah, but also nothing else exists except Him. Each image painted on the canvas of existence is the form of the Artist himself. Eternal Ocean spews forth-new waves. Waves we call them; but there is only the sea.

Further reading: Tawheed: Wahdat-ul-Wajud

Wazifa وظیفہ

Plural 'Wazaif'. Wazifa is the repetition of words, clauses, and sentences i.e., Names of Allah, Names of Beloved Prophet, Peace be upon Him, or other notions which were performed by Aulia Allah. These wazaif have powerful capability to transform one's self, circumstances, or even chemistry of the things. Every single sound which is uttered from the mouth has shape, form, and magnetic field. The 'Intension of the Mind' is the Powerhouse to drive the magnetic fields (See how Pendulum Downsing works using Intension). In addition to intension the Words of God have their own divine forces (mostly are unknown to mankind). When ordered in specific numbers, these wazaif create specific forms to create fields which are stronger than the object's or persons's own magnetic field, thus, applying required modifications by force. Some wazaifs' fields are so intense that the required goal is achieved almost instantly. Other wazaifs' effects take some time to come into menifestation.

The physical issues as well as spiritual issues all have their places, colors, and frequency in Body's bio-magnetic field or 'Aura' and they all have related magnetic/auric zones (after the death, when the human lives as magnetic field (auric body), these spiritual issues of Aura are still present and disturb even there. Their treatment in this world is necessary.) Read on Aura and Bio-magnetic Field and Aura Imaging - Biofeedback Technologies.

Because the 'Intension' behind these 'spells' is the foundation of this whole phenomenon, it will be judged that 'WHO' is permorming the Wazifa. The performance of the Wali Allah could be a million times more stronger than the one from general public. The more person's intension is pure and stronger, the quicker and with greater force the effect will be achieved. In other words, if one is not Wali Allah, but the circumstances are such that the intension of a person is greater and purest i.e., near death, the force of wazifa will be stronger accordingly.

Some Wazaif are extremely strong and requires you to properly ground the 'current', therefore you must be part of some Silsila (which shall act as a grounding system) and have proper permission to perform these special Wazaif, otherwise the results could be catastrophic. In case one has performed them without permission, should immediately start Darood Shareef and stop all other wazaif. Darood Shareef acts like first aid in grounding the excessive charge created by strong wazaif.

In Japan such experiments are accomplished in labs where some words are spoken on water, and water changes its shape of crystals. These words can be 'blessed-ones' or 'evil-ones'. And keeping in mind that human's 90% body is composed of water. Click Here to Visit Mr. Emoto's Lab and Video: Message From Water.

In Quantum Theory, the Observer effect is a good description how the Wazaif work. The Observer is the entity, when observes, creates the Universe, and then observes it. If there is no Observer, there isn't a thing at all. Please see the famous 'Double-Slit Experiment' Video for more clarification and The Complete Documentary of Quantum Physics | Down the Rabbit Hole.

NOTE: If even a single person understood the Wazaif theory from double-split experiment, I would feel that my all efforts to present were fruitful.

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Willayat ولایت

Sainthood. The Path of Communion.

Further reading: Sufism, The Mystic Path of Islam | The Sufi Orders (Slasil) | Evidence for Aulia Allah in Koran-al-Hakeem and Hadith

Wisaal وِصال

-Meeting with the beloved specially if someone is lucky enough to wed her beloved.
-Communion with the Source, Al-Mighty.
-Normally synonymous to Death, but in reality it is opposite to that. In death a person finishes, an anti-islamic concept. In Wisaal, a person gains a new life, more powerful, and eternal. Now it depends who is getting Wisaal. A wisaal of a normal person can mean that he is getting de-active but still 'lives' somehow. A life after the wisaal of a Wali Allah is billion times more lively than the so-called life of a normal person. If we do not notice, thats the 'de-activity' in our ownself, which must be cured with proper knowledge and actions.

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