On our website we welcome the Mazar entries from users because we want to make sure that every Mazar is listed on our website. Sometimes a remotely located mazar gets unnoticed. We will mention the name of those persons who have sent their entries to us. If you have any information about some particular Mazar on our website which has less or no information, we would appreciate to receive it from you.

Please try to provide all the properties below:
  • Image of Mazar: Externel View i.e., Mazar Building with some surrounding. We will place it in Google Earth
  • Image of Mazar: Internal View i.e., Qabar Shareef
  • Name
  • Silsila
  • Date of Wisaal
  • Date of Urs
  • Address
  • Description
NOTE: The Name, Address, and at least ONE image are necessary in order to place your entry in our records

Please send us your entries at: info@aulia-e-pakistan.com