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Being part of the Universe, we are ourselves Universe. Knowledge of the Universe is the knowledge of our ownselves, and in the root, the Knowledge of God. To have a better understanding of the Universe, you may visit:
[Wikipedia: Universe] [Universe Today] [Astronomy Cast] [NASA Picture of the Day] [Solar System Simulator] [Moon Phase Calender for Islamabad, Pakistan]

NOTE: We do not recommend muslim-based scientific websites. We simply do not trust them, though we will keep on searching. Modern muslim scientists neither have the technology and capability to research as being done in the west, nor they are obtaining the wisdom from Aulia Karam. These qualities were present in the past and were the foundations of modern science. To know the Universe, either consider a senior sufi mystic, or consider the western scientists. Hazrat Ahmad Raza Khan [b.1856 w.1921] of Breli, India, once said 'There is a great ocean of fire, beneath the ocean of water'. He is a mystic of extremely high cailber, not professional scientist. Today we know that 90% of Earth beneath under the oceans and the lands is the Magma, the molten earth, more hotter than the fire we know of. Or, Hazrat Imam Ghazali, another 12th-century great mystic, shared his knowledge of the Cosmos and other fields in various books. Later Christian philosophers, theologians, and researchers adopted his ideas and established the fields of philosophy and later science. Among them was Immanuel Kant, father of modern philosophy. At the same time, Muslims inflicted themselves in the wasteful arguments against the status Aulia Karam and lost the treasure on which the West is now standing. See reference

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[Wikipedia: Earthrise]

[Wikipedia: Earthrise]

Sinai Peninsula of Egypt from Space
[Wikipedia: Sinai Peninsula]

Solar System Presentation
[Wikipedia: Solar System]

3rd Quarter Moon
[Wikipedia: Moon]

Occultation of Moon and Venus on 27th October, 2008
[Wikipedia: Occultation | Venus]

Totality during Moon Eclipse
[Wikipedia: Eclipse]

Planet Venus - almost the size of Earth
[Wikipedia: Venus]

Largest Planet - Jupiter
[Wikipedia: Jupiter]

A commet hitting Jupiter and getting into pieces
[Wikipedia: Comet]

Second Largest Planet - Saturn
[Wikipedia: Saturn]

Surface of Planet Mars
[Wikipedia: Mars]

Face on Planet Mars - Flat View
[Wikipedia: Face on Mars - Cydonia]

Face on Planet Mars - 3D View
[Wikipedia: Face on Mars - Cydonia]

The Great Able CLuster of Galaxies
[Wikipedia: Galaxy | Galaxy Cluster]

The Antennae Galaxy
[Wikipedia: Antennae Galaxy]

Large Cluster of Galaxies presenting theorized Dark Matter
[Wikipedia: Dark Matter]

Solar Flare Configuration
[Wikipedia: Solar Flare]

Earth's Magnetic Field - A Protection from Sun's Solar Wind Particles
[Wikipedia: Earth's Magnetic Field]