± Faisalabad فیصل آباد
  • Ghausia Darbar, Faisalabad, Punjab [Google Map]
    If you know anything about this mazar, please let us know.
  • Hazrat Baba Lasoorri Shah, Faisalabad, Punjab [Google Map]
  • Hazrat Baba Satgur Badshah, Dhandra Kalan, Faisalabad, Punjab [Google Map]
  • Muhadis-e-Azam Pakistan Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Sardar Ahmad Qadri Chishti, Jamia Sunni Rizvi.
    [Urs: 1st Sh'abaan] [Dawat-e-Islami Documentary: 1 2 3 4] [View Mazar] [Mazar Video] [Biography] [Google Map]
  • Sufi Singer Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. [Wisaal: August 16, 1997]
    [Documentary Part1 Part2 Part3] [View Image] [Video of the Grave]
    NOTE: It might surprise someone why we have mentioned Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sahib in the Aulia Allah's database. According to our sources, Ustaad is not a possessor of official Wilayah, but he is promoted to the rank naming 'Saleh' (Very Pious, also a rank senior than Momin) in the Alim-e-Barzakh (life in the grave). This rank is not acheivable easily by normal muslims. Possessor of this rank are able to help out those needing their help even after their deaths. We, therefore, deny all of the false propaganda of azab-e-qaber against him circulating in the public, and we advise the public to refrain from using ill-mannered language against him.
  • Hazrat Baba Noor Shah Wali, Sargodha Road. [Wikimapia Address] [Urs Video]
  • Hazrat Peer Fazal Ilahi. [View Mazar 1] [View Mazar 2]
  • Hazrat Abu Anees Sufi Barkat Ali Ludhianvi, Samundari Road
    [Wisaal: 26th January 1997] [Youtube Video 1] [Youtube Video 2] [Biography (by www.aulia-e-hind.com)]
    Once Hazrat said, "Time is not far, though I will not be around, that nations of the world will act upon according to the wishes of Pakistan...." (impression from Alakh Nagri, described by Hazrat Mumtaz Mufti).