Hazrat Mai Faiz Bibi Qalander
Urdu: حضرت مائی فیض بی بی قلندر
Silsila: Qalanderia Kazmia Al-Mashhadia
Date of Wisaal: Not Known
Date of Urs: Not Known
Akbar Town, East Gangal, Islamabad Highway, Islamabad, Pakistan

As it can be expected from the Bazurgs of Qalanderia Silsila, Hazrat Mai Faiz Bibi Qalander was of great potence. If someone wants to know the power of a Lady Wali Allah, then must read the biography of Hazrat Rabia Basri Qalander of Basra, Iraq, in whose line, Hazrat Mai can be understood by the lay persons.

To know the true potential of a Wali Allah, one must be Wali Allah himself....

...therefore there is a notable event which shall give us a chance to glimpse the power of this Lady Wali Allah.

As told by her highness's descendents living adjacent to the Mazar, Hazrat Mai was considered Mustajab-ud-Duwat (a person whose pray, a word spoken out of mouth, and the intention is always honored by Allah, and fulfilled immediately, no matter how!). People used to come to her for their problems, expecially the child-less parents, and their wishes are always fulfilled.

Once Hazrat Mai came to know that her only son (whose Qaber is adjacent to Hazrat's) likes a lady and wants to marry her but they are of a higher status in monetary regards. Hazrat Mai said to her family that get ready for my son's marriage. They all were surprized to hear as the bride and her family did not know a bit about Hazrat Mai's decision and planning.

When an uninvited Baraat (Groom's family and guests) reached bride's home, they showed strong annoyance. Bride's father heard that Hazrat Mai is of a different, a mystical caliber, so one needs carefulness. But he rather said with disrecpect, "if you get these coins out of this oil-filled boiling Daig (a large dish for preparing rice of hundreds of people) then you can take my daughter for your son." Hazrat Mai put her arm in the Daig and took out all the coins with ease and showed to everyone else around. People thought the Daig was not really hot. Bride's father said, "give these coins to me". Hazrat Mai placed a coin on his hand, and everyone observed that his hand burnt badly. The coin was parrably as hot as a metal should be at extreme temperatures.

Finally, Hazrats Mai's son was married to that lady and they came home successfully.

It is also told by the family of Hazrat Mai that even today many people pay visit to her shrine and their prays are honored.