Hazrat Pir Syed Ghulam Muhyuddin Gilani alias Hazrat Babuji
Urdu: حضرت پیر سید غلام محی الدین گیلانی ، بابوُ جی
Silsila: Qadria Ghausia Mehria
Date of Wisaal: June 22, 1974
Date of Urs: Jamadi-ul-Awwal 2 (Islamic Date) (Islamic Date)
Golra Shareef, Islamabad, Pakistan

It is a great blessing of Allah that the spiritual bounties of Hazrat Syedna Pir Meher Ali Shah (R.A) continued to flow, even after his passing away, through the illustrious person of his only son and his true successor, Hazrat Syed Ghulam Muhyuddin Shah, nicknamed by his august father as "Babuji" and so referred to by all and sundry since then.

The well-known saying in Arabic "The son is the secret, i.e., a reflection, of his father", was proved eminently true in the case of Hazrat Babuji. In form as well as spirit, Babuji was a replica and a mirror of Hazrat's personality.

The Birth of the "ever-worshipping soul"

Hazrat Babuji was born in December 1891 (1308-09 A.H). When Hazrat was informed with felicitations about this happy event, Hazrat made an observation typical of a true Man of God like him: " It is natural for a person to be happy at the birth of a son. For me, however, the happiness stems primarily from the fact that a soul blessed with the constant remembrance of Allah has arrived in our family".

In line with Hazrat's foregoing observation, Hazrat Babuji never allowed himself to be distracted from the remembrance of Allah, wherever and in whatever condition he might be - at home or on a journey, in health or in sickness, alone or in company. This attribute of his was lauded on many occasions by Hazrat himself. On one such occasion, reported by Malik Allah Bukhsh, Hazrat one day saw Babuji coming towards Golra on horseback from some other place, and made the following remark to him (i.e., Malik Allah Bukhsh): " I see Ghulam Muhyuddin (i.e., Babuji) coming back to Golra." He then added with a smile :" He is riding a galloping horse but is simultaneously engaged in his own job (i.e., remembrance of Allah) as well."

This situation was in accord with Hazrat's constant exhortation to others (including Babuji) not ever to forget Allah even for a single moment, as borne out by the following Persian verse appearing frequently in his writings as well as oral pronouncements.......

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