Hazrat Abdullah Shah Biyabani Qadri Qalanderi
Urdu: حضرت عبدُ اللہ شاہ بیابانی قلندر
Silsila: Qadria Qalanderi
Date of Wisaal: Not Known
Date of Urs: Muharram 1 to 10 (Islamic Dates)
Old Graveyard, Lehtrar Road, near Khanna Pul, Islamabad, Pakistan

Hazrat Abdulla Shah Biyabani's Derbar is Located in Islamabad near Khanna Pul on Latrar Road adjacent to an old Grave Yard. Hazrat Abdullah Shah Biyabani, no one actually knows who was he, but people know that Mazar is there for many centuries. On the darbar the servants tell that that he was Allah Loving person came from Arabia (Holy City Makkah) some says he was Mureed of Hazrat Nazam-ud-Din Oliya but truth is still hidden.

Many famous persons came here and did the Chilla Kashi (40 Nights or more period of constant Worship) to get closer to Allah i.e., Peer Meher Ali Shah (Golrah Shrief) and many other Aulia. Hazrat Biyabani?s grave is located in the underground cave system where he stayed there for 12 years. Its dark and you cannot walk upright inside this cave. There are many channels to lead to the grave.

Once after 6 years of Chilla, he came out from the Cave and saw a Hindu old women. He asked her what she wants? She replied, "what can you do since I have been throwing the bread inside for last 6 years, or you were dead long ago. He said, 'don't be proud of your services if you want some solid result, Now close your eyes'. She closed her eyes, he asked her to open her eyes. And when she opened her eyes he was gone already and she saw all bread in front of her eyes which she have been troughing inside even the hot bread was still hot after that time she couldn?t find him.

Abdullah Shah Biyabani?s Derbar is under the Government supervision. When we visited the Derbar the local community was arranging a Milad function which they told us that they have recited the Darood Shareef 5 Billion times and now they are celebrating.