Arif-e-Waqt Hazrat Faqeer Professor Bagh Hussain Kamal
Urdu: عارفِ وقت حضرت فقیر پروفیسر باغ حسین کمال
Silsila: Owaisia Kamalia (Founder of Silsila)
Date of Wisaal: December 31, 2000
Date of Urs: Last Sunday of March
Punwal Shareef, Chakwal, Pakistan
Telephone: 0543-600267 (for Khalifa-e-Hazrat Sahibzada Mirad Kamal)

How did I reach Hazrat Bagh Hussain Kamal

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Arif-e-Waqt Hazrat Bagh Hussain Kamal was born in 1937. In 1985 he received the spiritual wisdom from the Sisila-e-Owaisia and became the founder of the sub-branch of the silsila namely Owaisia Kamalia. Even after his wisaal, the weekly mehfil-e-zikre-e-qalbi (The Secret Zikr) is performed at Darul Faizan from 1pm to 2pm, Sunday.

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