Huzoor Qudwa Tul Aulia Syedna Tahir Alaudin Gillani Baghdadi
Urdu: حضرت طاہر علاوُ الدین گیلانی
Silsila: Qadria Gillani
Date of Wisaal: June 23, 1991
Date of Urs: June 23
365 M, Model Town Lahore, Pakistan

Sayyidna Tahir Allauddin Al Qadri Al Gillani was a well known islamic scholar, politician and a sufi who is renowned as the teacher and spiritual guide of Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri. He was born in Baghdad on 11 July 1932 and died on 23 June 1991. He is the 17th descendant of the Shaykh Abdul-Qadir Gilani and the 28th descendant of Islamic prophet Muhammad. Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri founded the muslim organisation Minhaj-ul-Quran International in 1984 under the direct guidance of Sayyidna Tahir Allauddin Al Qadri Al Gillani who inaugurated its headquarter in 1987.

Shaykh Sayyidna Tahir Allauddin was a spiritual guide and a reformer of Sufism. He was known to possess a high degree of taqwa, tawwakul and was seen as a lover of Shaykh Sayyidna Abdul-Qadir Gilani. He worked at a senior position at the UN commission of Iraq.

He regularly visited various countries for his lecture tours. He visited Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, India, and Gulf States. In 1956 he decided to migrate to Pakistan and settled permanently in Quetta, Pakistan. He first arrived in Lahore and stayed at Darbar Data Sahib (Syed Ali Hajveri) for 40 days.

Family Background

He belongs to a saintly family of Iraq who are the custodians of the mausoleum of Sayyidna Shaykh Abdul-Qadir Gilani. He is the youngest of the six sons of Shaykh Sayyidna Mahmood Hisamudin. His grandfather Shaykh Sayyidna Abd Al-Rahman Al-Gillani was the first Prime Minister of Iraq during (11 November 1920 - 20 November 1922) following the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire.

At the age of 35, he consented to marry Her Royal Highness the Princess of Kalat, the daughter of His Royal Highness Khan of Kalat. He has three sons, Sayyidna Mahmood Mohayyuddin, Sayyidna Abdul Qadir Jamaluddin and Sayyidna Muhmmad Ziauddin and three daughters.


He studied under notable scholars of his time. His early education started in the mosque of Sultan Ali, Baghdad. He then moved to the mausoleum of Shaykh Sayyidna Abdul-Qadir Gillani. His teachers were renowned scholars of the time such as Mullah Syed Asad Afandi, Mufti Qasim, and Sheikh Khalil. He completed his Dars-e-Nizami and also acquired knowledge of Quran, Hadith, and Fiqh from the Grand Mufti of Iraq.

His spiritual journey started under the guidance of his father, who was a renowned scholar at that time and custodian of the sanctuary of Shaykh Abdul-Qadir Gilani. He used to spend nights in ibadah at the mausoleum of Sayyidna Shaykh Muhyiuddin Abdul-Qadir Gilani.


He had many students who become very popular. Some of the political and governmental leaders of Pakistan used to sit in his gatherings and learn from him. Some of his prominent students are Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, Haji Muhammad Hanif Tayab. Some of the governmental rulers who attended his gatherings were the President of Pakistan Ayub Khan, Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, and General Zia ul Haq, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

Death / Wisaal

He suffered with kidney problems for many years. On 11 May 1991 he decided to undergo foreign medical treatment and went to Germany. However, he did not consider any kidney transplantation. The problem was becoming severe and on Friday, 7 June 1991 A.D /23rd Dhu al-Qi'dah 1411 A.H. he died.

It was decided by his family that he would be buried in Lahore. One of his most renowned disciples and the founder of Minhaj-ul-Quran International, Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri devoted a piece of land from his institution for a mausoleum to be built. His family bought the land for his mausoleum. His mausoleum is similar to the shrine of Shaykh Muhyiuddin Abdul-Qadir Gilani.


Shaykh Sayyidna Tahir Allauddin authored various books during his stay in Pakistan. Some of his books are:

  • Mahboob Subhani
  • Tuhfa Al-Tahiria Aowrad Al-Qadria
  • Ghous Al Azam (English)
  • Shajrah
  • Ziaraat Muqamaat Muqadassa
  • Tazkarah-e-Qadriah (Urdu & Pushto)
  • Wazaif-e-Qadriah (Urdu)
  • Nimaz Book (Urdu)


  • Shaykh Sayyidna Tahir Allauddin Al Qadri Al Gillani
  • Son of Shaykh Sayyidna Mahmood Hussammu-ud-Din Al-Gilani Al-Qadri
  • Son of Shaykh Sayyidna Said Abd Al-Rahman Al-Gillani Al-Mehadh Al-Gilani Al-Qadri
  • Son of Shaykh Sayyidna Ali Al-Qadri
  • Son of Shaykh Sayyidna Mustafa Al-Qadri
  • Son of Shaykh Sayyidna Suleman Al-Qadri
  • Son of Shaykh Sayyidna Zain-ud-Din Al-Qadri
  • Son of Shaykh Sayyidna Muhammad Dervesh Al-Qadri
  • Son of Shaykh Sayyidna Hussamm-ud-Din Al-Qadri
  • Son of Shaykh Sayyidna Noor-ud-Din Al-Qadri
  • Son of Shaykh Sayyidna Wali-id-Din Al-Qadri
  • Son of Shaykh Sayyidna Zain-ud-Din Al-Qadri
  • Son of Shaykh Sayyidna Sharaf-ud-Din Al-Qadri
  • Son of Shaykh Sayyidna Shams-ud-Din Al-Qadri
  • Son of Shaykh Sayyidna Muhammad Hattak Al-Qadri
  • Son of Shaykh Sayyidna Abdul Aziz Al-Qadri
  • Son of Sayyidna Shaykh Muhyiuddin Abdul-Qadir Gilani

Sayings and Quotes

  • Marifat is acquired only through following the Sunnah (path of the Islamic Prophet, Muhammad).
  • Observance of the life of Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be on him) is a way to achieve the Love of Allah.
  • A person who doesn't offer prayer is like a dead person.
  • If uniformity and unity through Shariah is developed in our inner and outer life then it can lead us towards singularity and unity of the Muslim World.
  • The message of true Sufis is uncontaminated with hatred, friction, prejudice, and strife, on the contrary, their message is totally based on love and kindness, that is why, their efforts can create unity in the Muslim World if they fulfill their right role they can provide a revolutionary service to Islam and the Muslim World up to the level that cannot be achieved by any other group.
  • If you want to be a Pir, a Qutub, a Ghaus, then go somewhere else and if you want to be a Banda (servant of Allah) then come here.
  • If heart is filled with duplicity, jealousy, hate, hypocrisy one cannot get reward of his good deeds.
  • Communists are not only an enemy of religion but also an enemy of humanity.
  • Islamic economic and political system is a complete and comprehensive system.
  • Through cheating, stealing, and lying, one may get required results but finally one becomes disrespected and destroys himself.
  • A Lover of Ghouse Al Azam (Abdul Qadir Jilani) is always successful

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